Kiss and Ride

Student Information:


1. Students arriving at school should be ready to quickly exit their car and must exit on the passenger/sidewalk side.

2. The doors to the school open at 8:20 a.m. until 8:45 a.m. All students go directly to the gym until the first bell rings at 8:30. After 8:30, students who arrive will go directly to their classrooms.


1. Students should be packed and ready to exit their classroom as soon as Kiss & Ride is dismissed.

2. Students must walk directly to Kiss & Ride.

3. Line up and stay in grade level line.

4. There is no talking while waiting at Kiss & Ride so that students can hear staff member directions.

5. Keep backpacks, lunch boxes, etc. closed.

6. Listen to all staff/teachers..

7. As soon as your Kiss & Ride number is called, start walking to your car.

Parent Information:

1. Please approach the school from the east on Sydenstricker Road in order to make a right turn into the parking lot. Do not enter the bus loop. Speed Limit on school property – 5 MPH

2. Hang your number on the rearview mirror. Your number must remain hanging until you exit the parking lot.

3. Pull forward as far as possible in the designated K&R lane before loading/unloading children. Students must enter/exit vehicle from passenger side only. Drivers should remain in the driver’s seat. All students will enter/exit the building through Door 8. Children should be able to buckle and unbuckle seatbelts and open and close the car door independently.

4. CHILDREN MUST EXIT/ENTER THEIR CAR ON THE PASSENGER SIDE ONLY – AT NO TIME WILL A CHILD BE ALLOWED AT THE REAR OF A VEHICLE. It is the responsibility of the parent to load/unload items from the trunk or rear of the vehicle.

5. It is the responsibility of the parent to load/unload items from the trunk or rear of the vehicle.  Students must remain on the sidewalk and are not allowed to stand behind the vehicle at any time.

6. While moving through K&R, cell phone use is not permitted.

7. For security reasons, doors are locked promptly at 8:45 a.m. After 8:45 a.m. parents need to accompany students via the front doors to the main office for sign in. In the event of an emergency, parents arriving after the conclusion of K&R may pick up their child in the main office

8. Pull all the way up to avoid gaps in the line. No stopping at back to let 6th graders out.  

8. Vehicles should turn right when exiting the parking lot.