Mrs. Bauer Named FCPS 2018 Outstanding Elementary Teacher!

Ms. Slovensky Also Recognized at FCPS Honors!

By Department of Human Resources
January 27, 2019

a photo of mary bauerCongratulations to Special Education Mary Bauer who was recognized at the annual FCPS Honors event as the FCPS 2018 Outstanding Elementary Teacher!

Mrs. Bauer is an expert on interventions of all kinds. In her four years as the face of special education at Orange Hunt, colleagues say she’s done more for student success than most teachers will accomplish in their career. Not only is she able meet students with emotional disabilities where they are and engage them on a higher level, she’s a collaborative co-teacher who can integrate a behavioral program into a general education class in a way that benefits all students. Parents, too, praise her for her innovative practices and ability to keep everyone in the loop. “When a student or staff member is in need,” says a colleague, “Mrs. Bauer is always there to offer support, brainstorm ideas, or listen.”

Congratulations also to Fourth Grade Teacher Emily Slovensky who was recognized as an Outstanding Elementary School New Teacher School and Pyramid-level Recipient

Thank you to Janet Regan for all of her hard work with the nomination process by serving as this year's awards liaison. 

photo from celebration
Mrs. Bauer's staff celebration was held on January 25th. A pizza lunch followed by cake was enjoyed by the Orange Hunt Staff!