Kindergarten Supply List


3 (three) sets of 24 count Crayola crayons 

1 (one) set of Fat Crayola markers 

2 (two) LARGE glue sticks 

6 (six) dry erase markers (skinny, black)

1 (one) pair of Fiskars scissors

3 (three) Pink Pearl erasers 

1 (one) set of headphones (no earbuds) Only headphones with a straight plug will work with the iPads we use in kindergarten (see picture below).  Headphones with a “L-shaped” plug will not work.

1 (one) LARGE backpack without wheels -- please label with your child's name inside

1 (one) vinyl/heavy duty twin pocket folder for take-home work (not paper)

1 (one) box gallon size plastic zipper bags (boys)

1 (one) box quart size plastic zipper bags (girls)

1 (one) large container Clorox disinfectant wipes

1 (one) large box of tissues (200 count) (girls)

1 (one) large roll of paper towels (boys)

*Scholastic News subscription (details to come at beginning of year)